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1. How do I draw up a bid?

Answer: To make an offer switch to the topic "Create announcement". There you fill in the corresponding form for residential objects or commercial objects. Please fill in the data completely. After sending the data your offer will be listed within 24 hours in our system.

2. How can I contact the sales-clerk / the renter?

Answer: Please use the topic "Fast direct Search" to find the matching offer. Afterwards you can contact the offering person by phone or email.

3. Is my data safe?

Answer: Yes, of course. We save your confidentially of data. Please be aware that your data can be seen by other visitors.

4. How does the property and real estate trading system work?

Answer: The Prodomus property and real estate trading system offers a fast and comfortable opportunity to sell objects. The interested customer can also find the favourable object fast and easy and contact the offering person directly.

5. How can we watch/view the offered objects?

Answer: To have a first impression from the offered object, please regard the picture material in the offering. To make an appointment please contact the sales-clerk.

6. Are the written prices fixed?

Answer: The written prices are final prices which includes taxes if there is no other information listed. For concrete negotiations of prices please contact the sales-clerk directly.

7. Is it possible to pay with a foreign currency?

Answer: Yes, it is possible. In Lithuania the payments in Euro are already supported. If a payment in another currency is wished you should contact the offering person directly.

8. Are foreign citizens able to purchase property / real estates in Lithuania?

Answer: The acquisition of properties for Non-Inhabitants of Lithuania will be possible after 7 years since entry into European Union. (Year 2011) In contrast to that it is possible without problems to buy real estates like flats, apartments and houses. To give a full view over the different possibilities of acquisition the best way would be a personal advice. Please contact us via email.

9. How can I erase my bid?

Answer: If your offer is not up-to-date anymore it shouldn't be listed. Please send us a small note to pro@prodomus.lt . We will erase it as soon as possible.

10. How can I add pictures to my bid?

Answer: In the topic "Create announcement" you have the opportunity in our form to upload up to 5 pictures. Be aware that the pictures should have a maximal file size of 100 Kilobytes. In other cases the uploading will not be possible.